"Strange and wonderful, and best of all, unlike anything else we can think of." - Time Out New York

"This is noise pop that doesn't stint on either side of the bargain, striking a perfect balance between cataclysmic and catchy." - Pitchfork

"They're not electronic dance music; they are marches and rockers, with melodies running at speeds from processional to punk while whizzing, crashing, sliding, beeping, chirping sounds ricochet all over. The key is that the melodies are hearty ones.. It's a merry onslaught." - The New York Times

"on his great solo debut album for Thrill Jockey, Friel cooks those impulses all the way down to a sweet and deadly syrup that can't help but knock you on your ass." - Other Music

"There's really no scene that you could file this album under - Friel is out there on his own. As such, the best tracks on Ghost Town feel like revelations, like new ways of communicating shared musical ideas." - Dusted Magazine

"You're probably about 10 to 15% more powerful then you were before you heard that track" - Tom Ravenscroft, BBC

"This is gorgeous. This is great... This record makes me believe in the future of music. - Coke Machine Glow

"The first song Ghost Town Part 1 is like being struck by lightning. It feels good to know you've experienced one of the greatest most intense and visceral moments in pop music history - but It also hurts. Possibly the best thing I've heard - ever." - Cyclic Defrost Magazine

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"Total Folklore" (2013 Thrill Jockey Records)
"Valedictorian/Exoskeleton EP" (2012 Thrill Jockey Records)
"Staring Contest" 7" collaboration w/ Mincemeat or Tenspeed (2011 Ormolycka Records)
"Constant Future" with Parts & Labor (2011 Jagjaguwar Records)
"Receivers" with Parts & Labor (2008 Jagjaguwar Records)
"Ghost Town" (2008 Important Records)
"Live on WFMU 1995" with Squidlaunch (2008 Spooky Tree Records)
"Escapers Two" with Parts & Labor (2007 Ace-Fu Records)
"Mapmaker" with Parts & Labor (2007 Jagjaguwar Records)
"Escapers One" with Parts & Labor (2006 Brooklyn Beats Records)
"Stay Afraid" with Parts & Labor (2006 Jagjaguwar Records)
"Obsoleter" (2005 Night People/Spooky Tree Records)
"Sunburn" (2004 Velocirecords)
"Rise, Rise, Rise" with Parts & Labor (split album with Tyondai Braxton, 2003 Narnack Records)
"Groundswell" with Parts & Labor (2003 JMZ Records)
"Broken Man Going To Work" (2001 Self-released)


Tyondai Braxton "Central Market" (guitar and bass for 2011-2012 performances @ Lincoln Center, The Library of Congress, Ether Festival, more)
Glenn Branca "Symphony 13" (guitar for 2001 performance at World Trade Center)
Damo Suzuki's Network (@ Knitting Factory 2003)
Ui (guitar and electronics for Primavera Festival 2010)